Tick Testing the MESHED Jumpsuit in Maine

testing meshed jumpsuit

This was totally freeing! It was a perverse entertainment looking down and watching these ticks trying to make their way to our skin. Many just fell off, others we flicked off. Only one large one made it inside the suit. We think we will pull our white socks over the cuff - in case they are able to crawl inside suit from our boots. Suit also kept out gnats (or black flies) which have a painful bite. 

As you can imagine, this walk would have been ill-advised, especially in this remote, grassy, wooded area where the ticks are epidemic. We just felt protected and free to enjoy this walk that we love. We walked 5 miles- about an hour and a half.

A surprising quality of the suit is the strength of the mesh. We were crossing through meadows, filled with prickly, thorned plants, which I thought might tear the mesh. It didn't!

- Nanny, bug suit reporter at large 

testing the meshed jumpsuit

The logging road...it was when we got on trail with grasses that the ticks began to gather on our legs.

test meshed jumpsuit

Tick country

checking meshed suit for ticks

My friend checking for them and finding a nymph tick- size of poppy seed. Easy to see on mesh.

leg covered in ticks

My leg, covered in ticks. There were as many on my left leg.