Protective Jumpsuits in History: the Siren Suit

Protective Jumpsuits in History:  the Siren Suit


Arguably, the most famous piece of stylish protective wear in recent history is the Siren Suit.  Originating during WWII, it was designed to be stepped into with haste and ease as one made a dash to the nearest fall-out shelter.  It offered protection for clothing from dirt and grime that was, well, falling out of the air during bombing raids.  

The siren suit was popularized by none other than Winston Churchill.  He had a bespoke "onesie" made with pin-stripe, and even had one fabricated out of velvet with a utility pocket for his cigars.  Who knew?

But I love where the ladies took the style.  As I firmly believe, everyone rocks a jumpsuit; even Sir Winston.

I love this concept.  One piece ease, full coverage protective attire:  MESHED.