MESHED is proud to offer lightweight, breathable, non-toxic and attractive jumpsuits and hoodies that hinder mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs from making contact with your skin.

Living in Texas with its legendary heat and formidable insect-life, I had long wished for a way to enjoy my backyard without all the bug bites. Gardening, or even just lounging with a book, normally involved the onerous task of suiting up in heavy long sleeves and pants, and dousing skin and yard with chemicals. I wanted something super easy to put on requiring little thought or effort, that was weightless and graceful yet providing adequate protection against bug bites, and most importantly, something that would allow me to forego or go light on toxic bug spray and lotion.

In our time of increased concern about mosquito and tick-borne diseases like ZIKA, West Nile, and Lyme, and having daughters of child-bearing ages, I decided to get busy developing a solution.

MESHED: Protective wear fabricated of super fine-gauge mesh in a voluminous styling. We started with a jumpsuit because, well, what’s easier than a one-piece outfit? And frankly, doesn’t everyone rock a jumpsuit? It’s a style that flatters most body types, regardless of age. Soon after the women’s jumpsuit launched, I received requests for additional styles. I am pleased to announce these new arrivals to the MESHED line: a botanical print jumpsuit, men’s jumpsuit, and a women’s chic long hoodie perfect for travel and that cleverly accommodates a pregnant belly, too.

MESHED looks great at a picnic or poolside, on the trail or at an outdoor cocktail party. Anywhere you want to be without the lingering aura and slick of bug repellent. That would be just about anywhere at all.

Beyond being attractive, it is effective. The MESHED jumpsuit has been tested at the Molecular Vector Physiology Laboratory at New Mexico State University, where mosquito repellent research takes place. The study was conducted using no chemical repellent and concluded that the MESHED suit effectively reduced mosquito bites. In addition, avid hikers have tested the suit in Maine where ticks and Lyme Disease concerns are rampant. They have reported astonishingly favorable results in keeping ticks away from their bodies; again, tested without using any bug spray.

Let MESHED be an effortless part of your personal arsenal of bug repelling products and practices. I hope you will find you can enjoy the outdoors with far fewer toxic chemicals in your life and look good doing it.

Keep it in a tote or on a hook near the door. Ready to go? Toss it on. Zip it up. Get outside!

MESHED is made in Portugal of American fabric.

Teresa Oppedal
Founder of MESHED, L.L.C.