Is it effective?

The MESHED suit has been tested at New Mexico State University’s Molecular Vector Physiology Laboratory, and field tested for performance against tick bites by avid hikers in Maine. Both yielded clear positive results.  (Click on the words “tested” above to read the findings yourself.)

MESHED garments are made with voluminous styling which, in conjunction with the structure of the fabric, acts to provide a barrier of space between fabric and skin.

Why non-toxic?  Why not impregnate fabric with DEET or Permethrin for extra protection?

My goal is to offer an alternative; a non-toxic garment that allows one to better regulate and minimize how much insecticide one comes in contact with or is released into the ecosystem.

Why white?

The jumpsuit was originally designed with white mesh to offer enhanced bug deterrence. Mosquitoes are less beguiled by white. White also makes tick-spotting a breeze. Amazingly so.

Then why the dark face-piece on the hood and the dark MESHED hat?

Darker netting offers far superior range of vision than lighter colors. Although a white face-piece might have been prettier with the white jumpsuit, the sun’s rays reflect off the fiber of the mesh in such a way as to make white very impractical to see through. It makes a dramatic difference.

What about the new printed designs?

Not only are we excited to offer a chic variation to the solid white mesh, we wanted to satisfy requests from gardeners for a suit that doesn’t show dirt as easily. And they’re beautiful!

Men’s sizing in L and XL only?

The Meshed jumpsuit is effectively a unisex design.  The Men’s style provides a proportionally longer rise between waist and crotch seam than the Women’s sizing, in addition to being wider at chest, waist and hip.  Most men under 5’ 10” will be comfortable in Women’s Large. Consult body measurement chart to confirm fit.

What about hand and foot protection?

The sleeves are designed with extra length, allowing arm and fingers to be pulled inside the sleeve for protection when finger agility is not required. Generous pocket depth is also a helpful feature.


Alas, the jumpsuit does not cover the feet in a way that allows one to be active while wearing it. To go spray-less, one will have to visit the sock drawer!

Does MESHED offer sun protection?

MESHED products are made from breathable, lightweight mesh; a fabric that does not filter out powerful rays of the sun.  However, to protect face and head from bugs and harmful ultra-violet rays, MESHED offers an attractive UPF 50+ sunhat.  The Sun/Screen hat’s ingenious design features a concealable drop-down mesh to keep bugs away from face and neck. Simply unsnap the crown of the hat to release the netting, and roll it back up to stow under the crown when not needed.

Maternity fit?

Our new longer length hoodie beautifully accommodates a pregnancy belly, yet looks equally great on the non-pregnant among us.  In addition, depending on her overall weight-gain pattern, an expectant mother will most likely be able to wear the jumpsuit in her pre-pregnancy size with the waist uncinched until 6 months.

Is it washable?

Effortless wear, effortless care.  Your MESHED purchase comes with a complimentary mesh laundry bag to be used should you want to wash your jumpsuit; although even a quick hosing off will often provide sufficient cleaning. And it dries in a flash.

To launder:  pop jumpsuit into laundry bag, cinch closed, wash gentle cycle in cold water, and simply hang to dry.  Do not tumble dry or iron.  This treatment helps prolong the protective properties of the fabric.

Safety concerns?

The MESHED suit is loose-fitting and made of 100% nylon.  Please use caution when wearing and avoid open flame or extremely hot surface; e.g. campfire, BBQ grill, cooktop.

Other wear concerns?

Gardeners and hikers have reported delight at the sturdiness of the mesh fabric worn while engaging in their favorite activities. However, aggressive contact with Velcro or a thicket of, say, thorny blackberry brambles could likely snag the mesh.  The good news is that most snags can be gently pulled back into place to resume the fabric’s full bug protection duties.

Shipping Information

FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders.  MESHED orders ship via USPS Priority. Please allow 3 business days for your order to ship out, although we try our best to fulfill orders immediately. If you need your item by a certain day, please contact us at Teresa@meshed.buzz

Easy Returns & Exchanges

If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your jumpsuit, we will be happy to accept returns for a full refund minus return shipping for up to 15 days. Please allow 10-14 days to process your return.